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I read a post on Echo Faith yesterday about how since he started working full time as a designer, the artist in him has started to fade away. It got me thinking about how much I am enjoying the creativity that working as a web designer is allowing me. My story has been exactly the opposite. The creative side of me was something that didn’t really come out on a daily basis. Every so often I would get to layout a business card, or put together a brochure, but that was a rarity. Mostly explaining to upset customers why the broken circuit board that was keeping their assembly line down was still not fixed because the technician working on it had no idea what was wrong. Boy do I not miss that.

Now I have been discovering creativity inside of me that I wasn’t even really aware existed. I really enjoy putting together a design that looks great, playing with colours and patterns until the site pops of the screen. I also get excited about writing, this blog, and even proposals. Writing proposals I’m sure is not the favourite part of any designer’s day, but as I was describing what I envisioned the design looking like, the words just started pouring onto the screen. It felt so great to be just writing, this beautiful prose describing a design that only exists in my head. I didn’t end up using much of it at all, it wasn’t really proposal language, but it was very fun to write.

Les Reynolds

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