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CSS Mastery Review


I just finished reading CSS Mastery . What a fabulous book. I had read some great reviews, and had seen it recommended everywhere, but wasn’t sure how it would be for a beginner like me. Well, it was perfect for where I am am right now, and will be great in the future.

I have read Foundation Web Design , Stylin’ with CSS , Designing with Web Standards , and now this, as well as various tutorials, etc. online. I don’t think it would have been a great first book to read, but it doesn’t require extensive knowledge to understand. The only one of the four books that I wouldn’t recommend is Foundation Web Design, and that is primarily because it is rather dated. I just recently read DWWS, and it was fairly dated as well, but the 2nd edition is now out. I would like to get a hold of it.

CSS Mastery covers a lot of ground. It does a great job of covering positioning; lists various layout techniques and the pros and cons of each. Background images and image replacement techniques are discussed, as well as styling links and lists, and creating nav bars. It gives a nice overview of styling tables and forms. The sections on hacks and filters, and bugs and bug fixing are invaluable. To finish it off there are two great case studies, by two great designers, Cameron Moll and Simon Collison . They discuss using some of the techniques in a fictional site.

Overall, I would highly recommend the book. It is a book that I think every web designer/developer should own, and is the best web book I have read thus far.

Update: I still refer to this book from time to time, as it is a great overview. I hear Andy Budd is working on a 2nd edition, will be interesting to see how different it is.

Les Reynolds

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