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Ditch Photoshop & Fireworks

Oct 12009

The has been a lot of talk lately about how Adobe software – specifically Photoshop & Fireworks – is bloated, ungainly, unstable. There was an epic post by Merlin Mann, imploring Adobe to return to it’s place at the head of the line. John Gruber of Daring Fireball comments on a regular basis. And of course my Twitter stream is full of complaints about Photoshop having crashed. So it seems to be understood that there is a problem, and it is getting even more play recently.

So why don’t we ditch Photoshop & Fireworks? Rather than complaining and hoping Adobe with fix things, lets just move on. In a recent post highlighting the release of Bento 3, Gruber suggests that Adobe start from scratch like Filemaker did with Bento, and finished with, “But where’s Adobe’s “Bento” for bitmap and vector image editing for the Mac? The Bentos in this space are coming from indie developers with apps like Acorn, Pixelmator, Lineform, and Opacity .”

I suggest that we start using apps like these, instead of Adobe’s increasingly un Mac-like software. I understand that some of the features and functionality might not be there yet, but isn’t using great software that is missing a feature or two better than suffering through crashes all the time?

Switching to software made by an indie developer will send a much louder message to Adobe than a few blog posts. If you want them to hear you, your dollars speak louder than your keyboard ever could. And what if an infusion of cash would help these guys add the features we need, while staying true to their roots as lightweight, simple software. Wouldn’t that be even better that Adobe fixing Photoshop? Let’s all help create a Fireworks killer or two.

So instead of waiting for Adobe to start over, or for someone else to come up with the perfect program, why not pick the the one you like best, and help them get there. I’m going to start by ditching my aged copy of Fireworks 8, (I know, I know, but it was working great up until Snow Leopard) and giving Acorn a solid shot. Heck, I already have a license from MacHeist, might as well use it.

Now excuse me while I go purchase the upgrade to Acorn 2.

In my research I also noticed that DrawIt looks to be taking up the challenge of competing with Fireworks

Les Reynolds

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