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Installing sIFR 2

Jun 32009

I just installed scalable Inman Flash Replacement (sIFR). It works great. The installatation instructions were pretty straightforward, and the setup was easy.
I had two problems. First, the installation instructions weren’t that clear on what files to upload. I just uploaded sIFR.js and the centurygothic.swf(Century Gothic was the font I had chosen) file, and that did the trick. Except that I had a small problem because I had placed the sIFR call at the top of the body, and it was only working in Safari. I tried Firefox both on Mac and Windows, and IE6, and just blank spots where the text should have been. I posted my problem on the sIFR support forum and had an answer in about half an hour. Mark Wubben does a great job of supporting sIFR! The reason it wasn’t working in FF and IE was because I needed to put the sIFR call at the end of the body.

Hope you enjoy the look.

Update: I have turned off sIFR on the site. I was on Veerle’s blog and noticed that she was using Century Gothic for her post headings, directly in the CSS, then Trebuchet MS, Arial, Helvetica. I did some more looking and it seems that most people have Century Gothic installed on their computer. sIFR has been a pain to try and size and space right, so I figured that I’d take my chances specifying the font in the CSS. I’m glad I tried sIFR, because there is a good chance I will use it in a future project.

Les Reynolds

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