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Macbook (1st gen) review

Sep 62006

Well, I needed a notebook, and being a Mac user on a limited budget, the new Macbook was the obvious choice. I’d read quite a few reviews, both from online magazines and personal blogs, and was confident that I was selecting the right machine. Using it for the last few weeks has only served to confirm that.

Where to start… incredibly thin, the cord management on the power adapter is brilliant and elegant, the Magsafe plug is a great concept that is well executed, the glossy white case is beautiful… I could go on and on.

I wasn’t sure about the screen, 13” sounded small. However, I am finding that it is big to meet my needs, and I love how easy it is to lug around. It’s about the same size as a file folder, and easy to grab and take with you.

It is also very fast. I upgraded the ram to 1GB, and it is quick. The 1.9Ghz G5 iMac that I have still only has the stock 512MB ram. It is a lot slower than the Macbook, and it will be interesting to get another 1GB and see how much of a difference more ram would make.

The trackpad was another concern that was completely unfounded. I have always hated trackpads in the past, and actually preferred IBM’s pointing stick. This one is great though. I don’t know what the difference is, but it is really easy to use. Especially the scrolling and right clicking. I’m not sure why, but Apple saw fit to only use one button on the trackpad, so you right click by holding two fingers on the pad and clicking. Scrolling is performed by moving two fingers up and down, or right and left. Both are incredibly intuitive and easy to get used to.

Overall I am extremely happy with the purchase. I think Apple has nailed it with this machine, and the price point is great. Highly recommended.

Les Reynolds

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